Subcontractor Qualification List

  1. Use only subs that have been preapproved by our office. These subs would have met the requirements set forth in the sub contractor policy. If you have subs you feel would meet these requirements listed in the policy manual, please refer them to the Office Manager immediately for review and listing on our sub roster. We are always anxious to increase our depth.
    1. Top ten general subcontractor qualifiers:
      1. If applicable, Sub is licensed by the state and or county for the service he provides.
      2. If applicable, Sub carries General Liability Insurance and Workman's Comp.
      3. Sub agrees to sign our existing in house subcontractor agreement.
      4. Sub has physical address and phone number where he can be reached.
      5. Sub displays the kind of image (professional) that we want him to portray particularly if he or his people are in direct contact with the owner or work inside the house.
      6. Sub is aware and agrees to meet all IRB Codes.
      7. Sub agrees to our inspections and 10% hold back policy.
      8. Sub agrees to meet the standards for the industry in regards to quality plus any quality issues we may express before, during, or after the job is complete.
      9. Sub agrees to answer our calls as promptly as possible but never more than 8 hours after call is placed.
      10. Sub has a social security number and is a legal citizen and agrees not to use illegal aliens.
  2. Any subs related to or under contract to you is forbidden and is grounds for immediate dismissal. It is a conflict of interest to use a sub on your job that does not meet the company sub contractor requirements or is under your direction and is paid by you or gives you any sort of reimbursement of fees for doing our jobs.