The Bickley Design Process:

Let us put your mind at ease.

Not everyone is willing to move in order to have a home that fits their needs. They like their neighborhood, the schools and the many memories created through the years of raising their family there. Homeowners have also experienced the sticker shock of new homes. Bickley Design Build understands this and has designed a way to help the home you live in meet your changing needs.

Remodeling your home can be a complicated and a harrowing experience if your builder is not experienced in estimating and design. This is the reason most builders build the same plan repeatedly.

We at Bickley have years of experience in estimating and cad drawing systems. We have a unique detailed process that gets all your ideas, dreams and hopes on paper and then transfers those to actual line item cost.

We want you to have exactly what you want and have the best estimate possible of what it should cost.

Here is how it works!

  1. First, we find out what it is you are trying to accomplish! What sort of design will fill the needs of your family?
  2. What kind of budget are you comfortable with? Will this budget fill your needs, and if not, what adjustments can be made to bring the budget and your needs into line?
  3. With your input we establish complete detailed specifications of how your project will be dressed out.
  4. We create a design that will incorporate these specifications and personify your life style using your budget as a guide.
  5. We make further changes as necessary to fit your budget and life style.

This service can be cost free!

A first time consultation of your situation and general discussion of your ideas and possibilities is $160. We do, however, waive the $160 fee if you decide to go into a Design Contract so that we may design your project in a 3D view, take on-site measurements, and work with you on choices that best suit you and your project. This fee is based on the complexity of your project but can be as little as $500. This fee is also refunded if you decide to go into a build contract where we actually build your design.

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