Glitz, Glamour And Safety The Latest Trends In Kitchen Remodeling

WARNER ROBINS, GA-June 17, 2013—Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Because so many families spend so much time in them, the options to make your kitchen stylish, comfortable and functional are constantly evolving.

There are dozens of ways to update your kitchen—whether you want an entire kitchen remodel from kitchen cabinets to storage closets…from kitchen countertops to countertop height dishwashers—the options are limitless. Best of all…there’s something for nearly everyone’s budget.

If you simply want to update the look of your kitchen cabinets, the latest cabinet paint finishing techniques can dramatically change the character of your kitchen without the expense of purchasing new cabinets. If you want to take that kitchen cabinet remodel a little further, you will find that today’s kitchen cabinets feature all sorts of convenient time and space saving features. There are sink-front sponge-storage drawers, pull out clean and dirty towel hampers, big pull-out drawers that neatly stack everything from your pots and pans to your favorite dishes. You may love the look of cabinet doors, but need the functionality of drawers—no problem—new customized pull out drawers on easy rollers hide neatly behind your new cabinet doors.

One of the latest style influences in kitchen cabinets and other kitchen design features is aimed at baby boomers who want the most up-to-date look coupled with functionality that will make cooking and cleaning up easier as they age. If you’re ready to take your kitchen remodeling project even further…then take a look at the latest appliances and countertop designs that bring even more comfort to your cooking adventures. Features that allow baby boomers to update their kitchen to meet current and future physical limitations are called universal design features—they add safety and convenience without turning your kitchen into a room that looks as though it belongs in a hospital!  A few universal design features include; countertop height dishwashers. Now you can wash your dishes without the constant strain on your back from bending over to load and unload your dishwasher. Features as elemental as rounded countertop edges insure that there are no sharp edges that could cause injury if you should slip and fall in your kitchen. There are cabinets available now that feature easy to remove panels so you can get to your plumbing lines without crawling around and trying to work inside a cramped cabinet. There’s even under the cabinet hidden pull-out seating so kitchen tasks don’t mean standing on your feet for hours.

Kitchens featuring two dishwashers are getting rave reviews. They allow you to take clean dishes straight to your table without unloading the entire dishwasher—you just use the second one to load dirty dishes. Universal design features like There are thousands of ways that you can remodel your kitchen. All you need is a dream and a remodeling design build company that can take your design dream and turn it into reality—on time and on budget.

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Randy Bickley
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