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"C.A.P.S." "What does that mean?"

It means that we at Bickley Design Build are a Certified Aging in Place Specialist company.

The Certified Aging in Place designation isn't about standing around and growing cobwebs. Instead, it is making sure that you can live your life to the fullest as you age, comfortably, safely, and independently, without having to move from the home that holds all of your memories. More than three million baby boomers are turning fifty-five this year, and millions more are born to follow them down the road into retirement and "old age." This is going to have an enormous effect on their life styles.

The Certified Aging in Place designation means that the builder or remodeler has training in meeting the needs of people who want to stay in their own homes as they age. They want their homes to accommodate their changing bodies and lifestyles, not the other way around. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a study of the baby boom generation found that along with a desire to live out their lives in familiar surroundings, this group has very specific needs that must be met if the transition into senior citizenship does not include a transfer to a strange new setting.

We all know that we will age. What we may not know is how old age will impact us. For some of us, it may mean the same touch of arthritis that you remember bending and crippling your beloved grandmother's hands. Others may require the assistance of a wheelchair for optimum mobility. A builder who has earned the CAPS designation knows exactly how to make changes in your home so that as you age, your house remains a home instead of becoming a hazard to your health.

Many of the modifications you can make to your home are deceptively simple. Thresholds in the house are eliminated. Bathrooms are remodeled with open showers equipped with stylish but functional grab bars strategically installed. Door knobs are replaced with door levers. Even the counters are plumbed so that they can accommodate a wheelchair if necessary.

Changes in the kitchen are equally important and are also accomplished without transforming your house into an anonymous nursing facility instead of the home you've lovingly created over the years. The oven can still bake the Thanksgiving turkey, but the door may open to the side so that you won't have to suspend that heavy bird over an open over door. Light switches and controls are set so that you can reach them from a chair. Dishwashers are installed at a comfortable height for ease of loading and unloading. Even the cabinet doors under the sink can be modified to slide back so that a chair can be moved under the sink for washing dishes.

There are dozens of other modifications that can be accomplished, but it takes a trained expert like Bickley Design Build to help you define your needs and integrate them into your own home. The CAPS designation assures you that you've hired a remodeler who can solve the challenges of changing your home so you don't have to change homes as you age.

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