About Bickley Design Build Services

It was a spring day in 1956. My mother was startled by hammering on the roof of our small cottage. She knew the workman who had started the repairs on the roof did not work on Saturday so she pushed through the screen door, walked a few feet out, and turned to look up at the roof in horror. There I was on the roof with some scraps left by the builders hammering away. I decided in all the wisdom of a six year old that this was a great opportunity to build an airplane. My mother later said she wasn’t sure which I would be, a builder or a pilot. I became both and I have never regretted the decision.

I had the advantage of growing up in the building business. My grandfather and uncles built the house from the ground up. We had few subs. Times have changed and Grandad is gone and I have continued to try and improve on what he taught me.

I feel we have been able to address the largest challenges in the residential building business, conform to the needs of the client, and produce a product that is the greatest value to the customer.

We have achieved this through education and transformation. We have achieved the highest forms of certification available through the National Association of Home Builders. Certifications such as Certified Graduate Remodeler, Certified Graduate Builder, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Certified Professional Builder, and the highest certification bestowed by the NAHB the Certified Master Builder.

We have transformed our company into a Design Build Company. This gives us the advantage of being able to combine our ideas and the client’s ideas into a 3-D reality picture. They can truly perceive what they are buying and we, being involved through the whole process, know exactly what is being sold. Thus our process is more efficient, our pricing is more precise, and our product is more satisfying.

C. R. Bickley C.A.P.S C.G.R. C.G.B. C.M.B.
Bickley Design Build Services